AutoClose Wall-Mounted Toilet Brush And Holder

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No More Nasty Dripping Toilet Brush
And Dirty Hands Cleaning The Mess! 

  • EASY INSTALLATION: It’s easy to paste and no need to punch. No drill holes needed. The adhesive is very strong and can last long. It also does not leave any residue.

  • REPLACEABLE BRISTLE: The head brush is soft and facilitates cleaning of different gaps and angles. It is also replaceable and detachable so you do not have to tolerate an old, nasty brush. Strong decontamination to prevent bacterial regeneration. 

  • DETACHABLE TRAY: Very easy to clean up. The baffle is detachable making it easy to eliminate left fluids. Making it sure that your holder is clean!

  • AUTOMATIC OPEN AND CLOSE: The holder has an automatic feature that opens when you pull the toilet brush and closes once you put it back. Very ergonomic tool design.

  • EXQUISITE LOOK: Stylish look that makes your restroom elegant. Class and elegant, normal restrooms looking like a hotel restroom look like.

1. Clean wall surface and apply adhesive to favorable position.
2. Hang the holder onto the adhesive hook.
3. Set up the tray part. 
4. Done

Product Specification:
Materials: ABS Plastic and 304 Stainless Steel
Total Height (Brush + Holder, when brush is put into holder): ~39cm
Holder Height: 19.2cm
Holder Width: 9.7cm 

Package Includes:
 1 x AutoClose Wall-Mounted Toilet Brush And Holder