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Your Best Evidence In Tricky Situations


Our customers tell us all the time how much they are enjoying their original Minieye, so we are very excited to announce the release of our brand new X10 Minieye.

The all new minieye is your solution to remote monitoring. X10 Minieye records in 720p as well as 1080p and seamlessly integrates with your home or office wifi allowing you to access real-time video from anywhere with an internet connection.

Every day, people come home and find their places in shambles and their valuables missing. You may have several point-of-entry sensors guarding your windows and a IP camera watching your front door, but that may not be enough to stop someone from breaking into your home and stealing your personal possessions. The reason for this its that most security systems are connected to both a power and telephone line. If a thief snips a power line, your security devices will stop sending a signal.

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Having X10 Minieye at your home will add extra security to your property and valuables:

  • Intruders cannot find Minieye due to small size.
  • If the intruder turns off the Internet, Minieye will still work and record.
  • If the intruder destroys the cam, there's a quite big chance that footage will remain on the card.

An alarm can tell you that something happened but the video from X10 Minieye will tell you exactly what happened.




✔️ Real-Time Video Monitoring: Download the app provided and record anything in real-time from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

✔️1080P Video Recording: X10 Minieye comes with Full HD 1920x1080P 30fps video quality and an ultra-wide 120°wide angle lens. 

✔️ Endless loop recording: Plug the USB Cable (provided) to a power-bank or directly into a outlet and record endlessly.

✔️ Motion Detection: With the upgraded intelligent motion detection, now you can set the sensor sensitivity manually. Once motion is detected, the X10 Minieye will send a Push Notification with images to your phone.

✔️ Night Vision: X10 Minieye features covert design of 6 infrared IR lights with non-luminance & 5M night vision distance. Remotely switch it on/off via the App.

✔️ Magnetic Back: X10 Minieye comes equipped with a strong magnet that can be attached to anything metal. 

✔️ OFFLINE FOOTAGE STORAGE: Even if intruders turn the electricity off, X10 MiniEye will record.

✔️ COST-EFFECTIVE: Affordable price makes it possible to have MiniEye cameras in every room of a house.


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