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  • Translation: Translate into text or speech up to 25 different languages!
  • Light: Light weight and engineered for long wear! Wear it all day while you are sight seeing and travelling! Only 8.6 grams!
  • Battery Life: Long lasting battery life! 120 hours of stand by time!
  • Design: Engineered to fit in the ear for comfort and sound clarity.
  • Sound: Your ear piece doubles up as your headphones! Listen to music while you are on the go and not translating!
  • Text & Voice: This amazing device allows text and voice translation. Use your smartphone via the app to translate to either voice or text or both!
  • Distance: Can translate voice from 10 meters away!
  • Easy to use: Easy to set up and easy to use. Make translating EASY not hard! 

    The world's first translation headset. Easy, quick and smooth translation is now available! No more books or silly apps trying to translate and talk the local language! Make your travelling experiences more fun and don't miss on ANY of the local secrets!
    Translate in real time up to 24 different languages! (Depending if you use iOS or Android)
    Translate from or to any supported language!
    Different modes depending on what your situation is! Navigational mode, manual mode and in-stand translation modes!
    Supports any smartphone (Apple and Android) that can use and download the Peiko app.
    The content you speak will be translated on your phone and played back to each other by voice or you can choose to translate by text!
    iOS Languages Supported: English, Japanese, Korean, Russian, French, Thai, German, Italian, Arabic, Spanish, Danish, Swedish, Finnish, Dutch, Turkish, Portuguese, Czech, Hungarian, Polish, Hindi, Indonesian, Romanian, Greek, Chinese, Cantonese.

    Android Languages Supported: Dutch, French, Italian, Korean, Hindi, Danish, Chinese, Swedish, Spanish, Hungarian, English, Japanese, Finnish, Turkish, Polish, Indonesian, Czech, Russian, German, Thai, Portuguese, Cantonese

    Other languages can also translate each other. For example: German to Russian, Russian to French, Finnish to Swedish.
    Translation Modes:

    Navigational Mode: The earphone will automatically receive and translate message (When asking direction, the information will automatically translated and played out in your earphone).
    Manual Mode: Touch and hold anywhere on your phone's screen to receive and translate message, hold your phone microphone as close as possible to the voice source. Hold the volume key of earphone to talk, release it to be translated and played out in your phone speaker.
    In-stand Translation Mode: Touch to create a conversation or scan the QR code on Peiko APP to set up remote chat.

    Need an active WiFi connection for use

    Bluetooth: Bluetooth V4.1
    Charging Time: 1 hour
    Battery Capacity Headset: 90mah
    Music Playing Time: 4-5 hours
    Standby Time: 120 hours
    Charging line: micro USB
    Transmission Range: 10 meters
    Supported Languages: IOS support 25 languages, Android supports 22 languages
    Package Contents:
    1 x Headset 
    1 x Set of different ear bud sizes
    1 x Charging cable
    1 x Manual