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The gel will allow you to obtain thicker and better defined eyebrows while keeping the natural shape of your eyebrows.

LovyBrowParis™ gel has been designed to give you a true star look in just a few seconds. Get perfectly defined eyebrows for 7 days with a capacity of 3 months !

Waterproof and without transfer gel will become your best beauty ally to give you the eyebrows you've always dreamed of.

LIGHT BROWN : The right shade for chestnuts as well as red and mahogany colors.

GREY BROWN : Most browns, from light to dark will fall into the Grey Brown category.

CENDRED BLACK : Golden to matte skins with brown or black eyebrows will find a perfect match with this shade.

Light skins, with blond or chestnut eyebrows (very light).

finish and perfect fit - don't worry! The applicator is ultra easy to use. It has been specially designed to avoid any burrs.

products are not tested on animals.

Healthy composition
: Composed with extract of rice, berry and candellila wax, our gel contains any products that are hazardous to your health.