Nano Liquid Screen Protector

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Effectively protect your phone screen from any potential damage
It works on any phone to protect the screen. You can use it on a mobile phone, glasses, computer, watch, anything which you need a screen protective filmNanoTech™ uses nanotechnology to protect your phone screen from breaking safely With nano-hydrophobic technology, the liquid application adds an invisible coat that strengthens the screen. It creates millions of ultra-thin layers on the display to enhance the screen display and provide invisible protection against all kinds of scratches. 
Introducing the jaw-dropping hammer-tested NanoTech™ Liquid Screen Protector! Do you encounter tempered glass break very often? With our innovative product, you could solve your problem forever!

In addition to scratch protection, the nano-coating layer will also improve its resistance to grease, water, and fingerprints.

How does it work?
Nanotechnologies are tiny molecules which bond to create a micro liquid-glass layer surface over glass surfaces, which are invisible to the naked eye but are there to protect your surfaces from abrasions and scratches, because they are interconnected so tightly they prevent water from passing through, which makes the surface hydrophobic or water repellent. At the same time, the molecular structures are so tight it prevents germs from entering, repels oil and dirt, making your surface Oleophobic.

- Compatible with all devices
Covers the entire surface of any display, even on  curved edges
 Simple application, just four simple steps to get it done (refer to below instructions)
 Improves protection against dirt, scratches, fingerprint, and cracks 
Water Resistance
 Improves the smoothness of the display's surface

How To Use?
Step 1: Clean the screen with the wet cleaning wipe.
Step 2: Wipe the screen with the dry cleaning wipe.
Step 3: Apply the nano protector(about 5-6 drops) on the screen evenly (use the dry wipe to distribute the liquid evenly), wait for 5 minutes and repeat the step 3 again, wait for another 5-10 minutes.
Step 4: Wipe the screen with a dry cleaning wipe. Your device is ready to use.

NOTE: One bottle is perfect for screen up to 6". For larger screens, we recommend to have two bottles on hand, subsequently repeating the coating process after one year.
Product Specification:
  • 1 x Bottle of Nano Liquid (2ml)
  • 1 x Dry Cleaning Wipe
  • 1 x Wet Cleaning Wipe
  • 1 x User Manual


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