Sand Bag Kettle Bell

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Durable & Easy To Use For At-Home Exercise!

This Kettlebell sandbag is perfect for a multitude of workouts and is safer than metal kettlebells. 

Start with a lower weight and add sand as you get stronger without having to buy heavier kettlebells! 

Sand Bag Kettle Bell are so effective because they can used to target many body parts through different workouts. They enable you to:

- Increase your strength

- Build up speed/cardio

- Increase endurance levels 

- Target upper and lower body specifically

Improves Functional Strength – Targets multiple muscle groups that help with everyday tasks and daily life.

Compact and Portable – Only need one or two to train your entire body and are easy to store away.

Sand Bag Kettle Bell exercises offer a wide range of movements that target every muscle group for a total body workout.



✅ More robust design for hard outdoor exercises.

✅ It is made of tear-resistant canvas material. Lightweight, easy to carry.

✅ Boxing, military strength training, training core strength, etc. It is suitable for.

✅ Take your punching bag everywhere! Great for travel or home exercises.

✅ Ergonomic handle, comfortable for you. Wide mouth for easy and fast filling with sand.


✅ Material: canvas
✅ Color:
✅ Product size (approx.):
18x18x18 cm

Product Includes

✅ 1 x Sand Bag Kettle Bell