Isolation belt set ( Adjustable Pulling Force )

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Train safely from home with Faster Results than Ever with our Shape Up™ - Isolation belt set!

Ideal for weight loss, muscle building, and fitness!

Our Ultimate Workout Set ™ is extremely effective for both beginners and advanced. 

This versatile set easily ensures a fit body. Workouts for every muscle group, from legs, buttocks, and arms to back, chest and shoulders.

Please note: due to the high demand for our Shape Up™ - Isolation belt set due to the virus and the closed gyms, we are almost out of stock ... Order quickly before it is sold out!

From now on you can train anywhere, anytime!

The entire set fits easily in the included carrying case, so you can easily take the Shape Up™ - Isolation belt set with you wherever you go.

Determine your own weight

Not every workout requires the same weight. That depends on the muscle group you are training. With our superset, you can determine your weight yourself. The weight ranges from 10LB (4.5KG) to 100LB (45KG)! Suitable for every athlete. 

Suitable for beginners and advanced 🏋‍♂


 Easily put together the weight that suits you! 

What is included in the set?

  • Examples of exercises
  • 2 Soft foam rubber handles
  • 2 Ankle holder
  • 1 Instructions for use
  • 1 Door Anchors (To fix it easily)
  • 10 LBS* Band - Yellow
  • 15 LBS* Band - Red
  • 20 LBS* Band - Green
  • 25 LBS* Band - Blue
  • 30 LBS* Band - Black
  • Carrier bag


    USE & CARE

    • Before each use, check each band for breakage prior to starting your workout.
    • Do not stretch bands more than 3x their original length.
    • Do not use bands on rough or abrasive surfaces.
    • When under tension, carefully return all bands to original length before releasing to avoid injuries.
    • We highly recommend storing your set at room temperature with no moisture, heat or direct sunlight to increase the life cycle of the product.
    • Only clean your product with a damp rag with NO cleaning products or soaps. Any cleaning products or soaps may damage or weaken your bands.


    Q1: Is there latex in the bands?
    A1: Yes. It 100% made of natural latex. Our Resistance Bands are made of the highest quality, using the highest quality from Malaysia with high elasticity and extra thick high-grade silicon that will not dry out, snap or deform.

    Q2: How does this anchor to the door? Do you need to fix something permanently to the door?
    A2: No. It's a strap looking thing with a bigger end. You just put it through the door, go on the other side and adjust where you want it. And then you close and lock the door. It's really easy! 

    Q3: Would this help me lose weight?
    A3: You can gain balance, limber up and muscle tone.  

    Q4: Are there exercises to build pecs (push-ups) and upper back as efficiently as gym machines?
    A4: Yes, of course.  

    Q5: Can I grow muscle using the Resistance Band Set?
    A5: Yes, you can grow muscle if you maintain to workout daily using the correct way.  


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