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Madam Paris™ exclusively offers one of the most unique scarfs on the market

Glamourous & Chic


Our scarf is designed by Marc Guéville, a French designer who worked for some of the biggest Parisian brands such as, but not limited to Louis Vuitton, Hermès and Yves Saint-Laurent.

Madam Paris™ offers a truly unique fashion accessory, worthy of any great luxury brand.


High Quality Stitch Expertise In Artisan Manufacturing

Madam Paris™ carefully selects the workshops where the scarves are manufactured. Working with carefully chosen materials to guarantee a scarf of the highest quality possible. To dress in Madam Paris™ scarves is to endorse the traditional French know-how of high-quality stitching, learned from a 70-year-old artesian workshop, located in Brittany, where the tradition of French stitching continues to this day.


Past down from generation to generation, Madam Paris™ employees pass on this precious know-how, enriching it over time. Individual talents are expressed in a collective co-creation implementing a synergy of knowledge that gives life to our exceptional products.


Limited Edition : 

A limited-edition item with only 300 pieces manufactured, the Madam Paris ™ scarf is offered exclusively on our website. If you are unable to order, it is likely there are unfortunately no more pieces available.


A Unique Scarf For A Unique Style 

The Madam Paris™ scarf is completely versatile and ready to wear; whether in a casual dress, with jeans or as an accessory to a beautiful evening dress, the scarf will give your outfit the ultimate touch. This convertible shawl will make you unique and trendy instantly. Wear it as you please, as a scarf, sweater or shawl it’ll match you perfectly!

Are You Winter Ready ?

Thanks to its high quality stitching the Madam Paris™ scarf will keep you warm all day long.

Let its soft and comfortable texture allow you to face the cold in peace.


Madam Paris, An Eco-Responsible Brand 

The Madam Paris™ scarf is made of eco-friendly vegetable yarn. Traceable and eco-friendly, all scarves are locally made, from start to completion sold at the right price.

No animal products are used in Madam Paris™ clothes, we even received the PETA award for the best alternative to wool in 2016.

 Adapt your style to your moods ! 

More than 12 ways to wear it !