Switch Shade ™ 5-IN-1 Magnetic Glasses

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These Sunglasses are Unisex - Can be worn by Men & Women


Don't leave yourself with only one option! Experience the convenience of having 5 different sunglasses in just one frame!Change your style in a matter of seconds by simply swapping lenses using the magnetic bond. Now you are ready for summer!! 

🕶  MAGNETIC CLIP ON DESIGN  -   5 different styles of sunglasses combined into one. Swap looks in a matter of Seconds! With the magnetic bond being ten times stronger than ferrous magnets, rest assure these lenses wont get knocked off!

🕶 FLEXIBLE MEMORY FRAME - The TR90 frame features a polymer material with a memory fitthat is extremely light and super flexible; ideal for all-day use.  

🕶 STYLE OPTIONS - Enjoy a vast amount of style options to choose from! Whether you're feeling business casual or just fun in the sun, you will always have a lens for the occasion. 

🕶 VISION PROTECTION - The high-grade UV400 protectant on these Resin Lenses block all harmful UV Rays and also prevent reflection glares. 


🕶 PORTABILITY - The compact lenses feature a carry bag, keeping your lenses organized and scratch-free. 

🕶 VALUE $$ - The cost of 5 unique style of sunglasses can add up quick. Now for the price of one, you get 5 different looks matching your style or occasion. 


UPDATE: Due To High Demand From Social Media, Inventory Is Nearly Out. Please Order Soon To Get Your Pair!