Derm Roller for Men & Women

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We all know how bad skin can ruin your confidence. Which is why we created a beauty product that will help you achieve the skin you wanted for a long time. 

Bring back the confidence that you lost as you use as you use the TruSkin™ Face & Body Roller, the specially treated skin will look and feel smoother, more flawless, and natural looking in the morning as it already treated your skin naturally by producing new collagen making new skin surface.

✓ Scar Removal – including acne scar removal
✓ Stretch mark removal
✓ Reduce Large pores and Oily Skin
✓ Anti aging, anti wrinkle, hyper pigmentation treatment
✓ Reduce fine lines, wrinkles and dark circle
✓ Treat baldness and patchy beard
✓ Skin friendly, safe and faster skin restructuring
✓ Use it anytime at your personal convenience.

⛅ Rolling Frequency:
✔️  2-3 times a week

🔻Cleaning Method:
1. Soak about 3~6 minutes with 75% alcohol

✔️ For personal use only do not share to others.
✔️ Use water and wash your hands thoroughly.
✔️ Do not use the roller in the open wound.
✔️ Be careful if you are allergic to metal
✔️ Do not use makeup right away to avoid irritation
✔️ Keep away from children.